About Us

        Jinsing Enterprises Company Ltd is a locally incorporated limited liability construction company with excellent working experience in Kenya. The company contracts in the construction industrial sector, public and private sector housing development, roads, bridges, water, electricity, steel structures and major civil engineering works, gardens and parks, sports stadium.

      The company has from time to time contracted projects in joint ventures with other major construction companies and corporation on specific projects.

      It is backed by extensive innovative and advanced construction technology and equipments. It has experienced management and competent technical staff. Most of the staff have been working in East Africa and have experience in local construction technology, statutory, authority equipments and even sourcing materials locally and internationally.

       Jinsing Enterprises Company Ltd is committed itself to partnering with local initiatives to contribute to the growth of the Kenya construction economy. We believe Jinsing Enterprises Company Ltd will grow up as our directors planed with the assistance and enduring diligence and cooperation from our employees and assistance, trust from all the business partners.


Contact Us

P.O. Box:20849-00202 KNH Nairobi-Kenya
Tel: +254 020 3513542
Addr:Ngong Road Nairobi

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